Sobota, 25 Maja 2019

Imieniny: Grzegorza, Urbana, Magdaleny

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Barka: Wyroby Technopodobne pres. Claudio PRC


the groove is steady, the beat inevitable always forward, although seemingly still with every repetition, aimless our bodies keep moving

# Claudio PRC [The Gods Planet, Prologue, Semantica]
Volumini Dinamici Tour

# Błażej Malinowski LIVE [The Gods Planet, Technosoul, Silent Season]

# Spajder Jeruzalem [Wyroby Technopodobne]

# Kinetikk LIVE [Wyroby Technopodobne]

# VJ ZIN [Wyroby Technopodobne]

# VJ NOY [Wyroby Technopodobne]

# Gate:
20PLN limited presale
25/30 PLN entry before/after midnight
# RA:
# muno:
# Listen at:
# Partners:
Monoton - Vinyl & CD Records
Pitu Pitu Kraków
Techno Rączka
Off Radio Kraków
Resident Advisor

# There are 3 things that create Wyroby Technopodobne:
- Music
- Light
- Experiment
We are Cracow based crew which drifts somewhere around techno similar goods; between elegant and casual; between dark and light; between well prepared and raw;


Barka, ul. Podgórska 16
8 kwietnia o godzinie 22:00


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